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From a Cartesian background, Ariane Barugel, Christophe Alexis and Jean-François Bray are, respectively, a teacher with a DEA degree in American civilization from the Sorbonne, and two engineers in electronics and mechanics. They have been initiated into numerous holistic healing techniques, and are passionate about neuroscience, the latest discoveries in quantum physics, cell biology and ancestral esoteric traditions from around the world.

Following numerous collegial meditations with entities living in the Intra-Earth, they transmit to you:

BOOK N°1:“From Intra-terrestrials to the Crystal-Light Pyramid”

BOOK N°1:“From Intra-terrestrials to the Crystal-Light Pyramid”

Atlantes publishers

The surface dwellers are not the only people on Earth. Numerous civilizations live deep within the Earth's core, in unknown locations.

How did these peoples reach the Earth's inner crust, and how do they survive such so-called harsh conditions? What do they look like? What connections do they have with the surface dwellers? So many other questions are answered in this unique and very interesting book.

These peoples first contacted us in 2010 and taught us healing and vibration-raising techniques through guided meditations. They also introduced us to a haven of peace and healing, dedicated to the preservation of life: a fantastic Crystal-Light Pyramid with a pure gold pyramidion protected by a powerful dome of light.

In this extraordinary place, we'll be bringing you totally new experiences of consciousness expansion, essential to the evolution of the inhabitants of the Earth's surface.

We'll build bridges between the latest scientific discoveries and messages from the Intra-Terrestrials.

Guided meditations are offered in the last chapter of the book.
You can listen to the on our website under the "meditations" tab. They will greatly contribute to raising your vibratory frequencies and spiritual level.

BOOK 2:"The Intra-Terrestrial Gem: The Crystal-Light Pyramid"



The discovery of the Crystal-Light Pyramid led us to question our contacts about the reasons for its existence inside the Intra-Earth.

In our second book, you'll have the great pleasure to discover why and by whom it was installed, its amazing and numerous functions and what it really contains.

We'll give you all the information you need about its evolution from its inception to the present day, and how we, humans on the surface, the surface dwellers, can benefit from exceptional energetic care the Pyramid can offer.

In this unique and remarkable place, you'll experience a totally new expansion of consciousness, essential to your spiritual evolution.

We, the “Mystiques Cartésiens” or “Cartesians Mystics” would like to share all these knowledges and these energy healing tools with you. The understanding and benefits you will derive from them will enable you, in turn, to spread the messages transmitted by the Intra-terrestrials, thus helping to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.