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Greetings 2024

The Cartesians Mystics wish you all the best for the New Year 2024. May this new year bring you light on your path of peace, balance and inner evolution.
We would also like to take this opportunity to give you an update on our activities:
 - Our second book entitled "The intra-earth gem - the Crystal-Light Pyramid" has just been published in its French and its English version. It is now available on Amazon.It will allow you to discover the incredible epic of the Pyramid of Crystal Light.
  - We will also be taking part in the "Parapsy" trade show to be held in Paris, Espace Champerret from February 8 to 12, 2024. We look forward to welcoming you and presenting our activities over the coming months.
  - From now until the end of January 2024, you'll find on our website the program of training courses, workshops, initiations and attunements scheduled until the summer holidays, as well as 5 new meditations in French and English.


As part of the evolution of the Earth, entities of light have passed on theoretical knowledge and empirical know-how to us.
These transmissions have for objective the increase of the vibratory rate of the human beings, and by way of consequences, the expansion of consciousness necessary to the survival of our planet and its inhabitants.

Among the messages we transmit:

1 - We are not alone in the universe.
There are benevolent beings outside and inside the Earth who are there to accompany us in our evolution.

2 - Among these beings, there are intra-terrestrials, who live at different levels and vibratory frequencies within our Earth. They made us discover a particular universe composed of a sphere of light containing a crystal pyramid with infinite capacities, according to our criteria.

3 - This pyramid was presented to us as a haven of peace and a place dedicated to the preservation of life. It is in synergy with the universe and Creation.

4 - In our book, in addition to addressing the previous topics, we will make bridges between the latest discoveries of science and the messages we have received from intra-terrestrials.
We will make you discover the origin of this pyramid, and the evolution of its functions.

5 - Bonus for readers: Within the pyramid, we will accompany readers on journeys of healing and expansion of consciousness via the element of water, crystals, geometric shapes and sound and chromatic frequencies.


In this part, we will share with you our exchanges with the intra-terrestrials or other luminous entities who evolve on different vibratory levels than ours and who connect with us. We will communicate to you the messages that concern our Earth or our universe.
We will also be able to detail the themes addressed in our book and inform you of the subjects that seem most relevant and interesting to us.

We will always be open to your questions and will try to answer them as best we can.

The Cartesians Mystics