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Please find below the program of our workshops / seminars.

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We are looking into the possibility of offering a buffet lunch made with organic products.
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Our workshops are for everyone. Some of them allow you to acquire some basic knowledge, in cell biology, quantum physics or other state-of-the-art sciences, but most of the knowledge to be acquired will be transmitted to you if necessary during our seminars.

We offer you techniques to regain inner balance, to change the homeostasis of your inner temple so that it breathes fullness and is able to maintain its internal physiological balance despite all external constraints.

Our first Workshops will focus on Joy, that emotion that raises the vibrational rate so quickly.
"Find the place where there is joy, that joy will extinguish your pains" says Joseph Campbell.

Through powerful techniques and guided meditations, we will show you the path to joy. If you follow it, your life will be forever changed.

Then we will teach you how to measure your Vibrational Rate and work on it in order to raise and maintain it at a high enough level of balance to find well-being and inner fulfillment.
While working on the vibrational rate, the essential role of the Chakras and the Aura will be addressed.

We will conduct Crystal Therapy workshops, to help you choose the right crystals for you and get the most out of their ancestral powers.

Workshops in Chromotherapy will help you discern the power of each color. They will help you find the color or colors that best suit you and that will boost your electro-magnetic field, your aura.

Workshops on Sounds will also be available to learn how to feel them and direct them to certain internal parts of your body for therapeutic purposes.

Workshops on Mandalas for children but also for adults will also be offered.

This list of workshops is of course non-exhaustive.


"When we fill our heads with good things , the bad things have no room to enter" - Joyce Meyer.

Afterwards, we invite you to join our seminars to connect with the Intra-Terrestrials and benefit directly from their incredible healing energies.
This important step in your learning allows you to create a protective field around yourself or your group and connect to the light beings. It includes the Sacred Encoder Space workshops, the descent into the Crystal Light Pyramid and the meeting with the Inner Earth Beings.

Our seminar on the CELLS and especially on the SOUL CELL will have as a prerequisite the reading of at least one of the two books that we will soon make available to you. The first one has just been published and the second one will probably follow in the course of the year 2020. It will be followed by an INITIATION of your SOUL CELL and its connection to the CREATION.

Seminars of REIKI, Japanese technique of energetic care by apposition of the hands, will also be proposed

All of these seminars will of course evolve over time as this is just the beginning. We have so much more to offer you.

For the moment, we wish you a good reading of our books entitled :



See you soon

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