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In our first book, we endeavored to carefully convey the messages we received during our channelings with our friends the Intra-Terrestrials, and to parallel them with recent scientific discoveries that could corroborate some of our transmissions.
For example, when the Intra-Terrestrials explained to us the extraordinary properties of water, which they used on a daily basis, we immersed ourselves in the fascinating research of Jacques Benveniste, Professor Montagnier in France and Masaru Emoto in Japan.

During these contacts, we realized that our lack of scientific knowledge could sometimes be an obstacle to fully integrating their messages. Research into scientific, technological, metaphysical and sociological fields has enabled us to communicate more fluidly with our interlocutors, who have become more numerous and varied.

Of course, the channeling process begins with a channel.
For us, the channel is Ariane. During her many travels in the USA, Brazil, Bali, Thailand and all over the world, she has studied channeling through the different dimensions of the universe.

Successful channeling requires a powerful "channel" capable of establishing the link and retransmitting the information. To achieve this, you need people around the channel who know how to meditate in full consciousness and at the same time support the channel in a very high frequency for the duration of the channeling. This support from Jean-François and Christophe enables Ariane to channel much higher frequencies than she could on her own.

To help you better understand the value of these meditators supporting the vibratory frequencies of a channel whose action is to heal those who ask for help, we'll give you a concrete, contemporary example.
In Abadiania, Brazil, Joao de Deus, the world-renowned Brazilian healer, benefits on a larger scale from the energy of hundreds of volunteer meditators. These meditators give access to our dimension to thousands of light beings who come to take care of over a thousand people every day.
These volunteering meditators from all over the world, selected by Joao de Deus, sit in the large healing room a few minutes before the Joao’s healing sessions start. They meditate in silence for three to four hours, while visitors come one by one presenting their issues to Joao. Joao channels thousands of beings of light willing and capable of caring for those who come to him.

Ariane has had the opportunity to take part in these spectacular healing sessions and reports that the power of the energy that dominates the room is "indescribable and undeniable". In this room, at these moments, the different worlds and vibratory universes come together and unite for the greater well-being of all those who are present in flesh and blood or in our mind.
It's this commitment, this devotion, this selfless love of others that we've recognized in our Intra-terrestrials friends, and this from the very beginning of our exchanges.


"It's not because you believe in it that it works, it's because it works that you believe in it ".

The Cartesians Mystics.

Like us, you can choose your own spiritual path. Your well-being and inner balance depend on you. By letting yourself be guided, as we have done, and going towards what resonates most with you, you'll find your answers and your path to harmony, serenity and inner peace.

Let us tell you about our journey:
It's through our research, our readings, our experiences, our individual journeys, that we've gradually formed our opinions on how the universe works. Our intuition has grown with our experiences. Our personal conception of the universe has been refined and evolved year by year. We have recognized certain truths, elaborated by daring scientists, redefining the universe, in our own experiences. We've been enlightened, guided into new conceptions of the universe, by knowledge transmitted in numerous channelings by non-terrestrial beings. These truths have subsequently been corroborated by innovative scientific works, and even spiritual works dating back thousands of years. Each scientific or spiritual discovery has led us to new perspectives and new truths even more vast, even more incredible. They have enriched our vision of the universe and all its mysteries.
On a regular basis, they have continued to push us toward open-mindedness and tolerance, filled with respect and humility. How can we not be humbled by all these surprising, shocking, yet fascinating truths about the universe and all its infinite mysteries?
As you can see, our concept of the universe is constantly evolving as our knowledge grows and our view of it changes.

Science is making great strides in so many fields. Our joy and enthusiasm are boundless in the face of all that remains to be discovered. Our gratitude to all those great spiritual beings who have understood truths through their inner vision, and to the daring and passionate scientists who are constantly rediscovering the universe, is immeasurable.

Our gratitude for the kindness, simplicity and generosity of all these non-terrestrial beings who care about the billions of humans living on the surface of this planet, is just as intense.

Whenever we talk about science, we think logical, rational, Cartesian. Yet the scientists who have succeeded in really moving the world forward are also the "craziest" scientists.

This term is used, in this context, with great respect and admiration, because these "mad" scientists have a vision of the world, of the universe, that is totally offbeat, progressive, daring and innovative in the extreme. By now, you're convinced that you're perfectly Cartesian, or very spiritual indeed. You're probably right. However, it's possible that, after reading our books and essays, you may become a little more like us, that is to say, Cartesians with a touch of mysticism, or mystics with a touch of Cartesianism, or simply Cartesians Mystics.

We all have a spiritual journey, whether we're religious or not, young or old, male or female. At some point in our lives, we all need answers beyond what we can see with our five senses. Our intuition, our unconscious, our sixth sense, tells us that there's something else out there. A little voice inside us whispers: "the truth isn't necessarily just what you think you see or hear". But it's hard to explain that weird feeling that there might be something else out there. Most of the time, it's impossible to guess, to put images and words to what we sense, to what we feel somewhere, deep inside. We've all had the incredible experience of the "little voice" or inexplicable sensation that, just before an accident, tells us to brake. That "little voice" that warns us of imminent danger, without our understanding why or how. It's this sixth sense, this intelligence specific to humans, that pushes us to think, to doubt and to seek answers elsewhere. There are so many things we need to know, such as what happens before life and after death. The reason, if any, for our existence on Earth. Does God exist? What's in the universe?
Are we the only forms of superior intelligence on Earth? Are we alone in the universe? We can all fill pages with questions about the origins of man, life on earth, the universe.
Even those of us who choose to concentrate solely on our professional occupations, our love lives, our family lives, our hobbies and other forms of entertainment, are confronted with these questions one day.
From that moment on, metaphysical questions irremediably appear or resurface. And this, even if they have long remained buried or drowned in the occupations and diversions of daily life.

In mentioning these diverse and varied entertainments, we are in fact referring to Entertainment as defined by Blaise Pascal, the 17th century French mathematician, physicist, philosopher, moralist and theologian. Entertainment that keeps us from thinking about everything we don't know about man, our planet Earth and the universe. Pascal, in his work "Les Pensées”, “thoughts”, tells us:

"Since men were unable to cure death, misery and ignorance, they decided not to think about them in order to make themselves happy. Entertainment, by definition, is "that which distracts us from the essential", but it also allows us to forget our condition as humans with far more questions than answers. Neither to be despised nor rejected, it is a good remedy for metaphysical anguish.
What's more, it in no way prevents us, if we so wish, from seeking answers to our infinite questions.
Each of us can choose the path best suited to our spirit, be it scientific, spiritual or other, to find our own answers. Our spiritual quest, the fruit of the metaphysical questioning and logic inherent in our very unique personality, can take any form and last from a minute to a lifetime.
In our case, it was our individual and collective metaphysical quest that finally led us to our etheric encounter with the intra-terrestrials.

Our certainty about the existence of extraterrestrials, like that of Admiral Richard Byrd or navigator Olaf Jensen, comes from personal experience. In our individual spiritual journey, there are extraordinary experiences that have fallen into our laps, and there are experiences that we have gone in search of. We've gone in search of the teachings and experiences of extraordinary, out-of-the-ordinary people, but also Shamanism, dreams, the Merkaba, Reiki, EFT, Grigori Grabovoï's digital sequences, the powers of crystals, colors, the Flower of Life and sacred geometric forms with Drunvalo Melchisedek, new energy and psychological therapy techniques and so on.

For example, Ariane met Drunvalo Melchisedek in Arizona. For several months, from 2010 to 2011 in Sedona, she attended several Drunvalo Melchizedek’s trainings on the Flower of Life, the sacred space of the heart, sacred geometric forms and the 5th dimensional Merkaba.
She had previously been initiated into the 12th-dimensional Merkaba of Count Saint Germain by Hari Das Melchizedek.
She was initiated into Native American Shamanism in Sedona, during ceremonies conducted by a Shaman from the Hopi tribe.
She was also initiated to Channeling and Angelic Encounters in Sedona. In 2013, Christophe and Ariane went to Brussels, to follow the powerful and cutting-edge teaching of Catherine Shainberg, a psychologist, therapist and teacher specializing in the power of imagery and guided dreams.
In 2015, Jean-François and Ariane attended several EFT and Matrix diploma courses in Paris led by an American teacher.

The three of us have been Master Teacher Therapists, Reiki USUI and Shamballa Initiators for many years. We have also studied Chromotherapy, Crystal Therapy and many other holistic and energetic healing techniques.
Since 2016, we've been very interested in the innovative and fascinating work of the Russian spiritual scientist, Grigori Petrovitch Grabovoï. We've taken several of his courses, all of which were extremely rich. One of the things that caught our attention was the similarity between some of Grabovoï's teachings and the teachings of the Intra-Terrestrials, transmitted by channeling some years ago.
Fascinated by the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience and cell biology, we became interested in Bruce Lipton's epigenetics and the secret power of our cells.

We continued our research and discovered the power of sound, the power of humming as described by Jonathan Goldman.
Our travels, our scientific and spiritual readings, our metaphysical experiences and our extensive research have opened us up to new fields of knowledge.
On this site, in our books, seminars and workshops, we offer you the opportunity to evolve and expand your vision of the universe and the incredible riches of planet Earth.

We also offer you many of the powerful guided meditations that the Intra-Terrestrials have so generously transmitted to us by channeling.


To return briefly to the reasons that led us to choose the name "Cartesians Mystics", we offer the following explanation:

All three of us are academically educated to Baccalaureate +5 level, two engineers, one a teacher of American civilization with a degree from the Sorbonne. We're rational and grounded in the material, nothing too fanciful.
Spirituality without excess, faith in God without being churchgoers. And yet, individual mystical experiences have paved our path towards spirituality.
Life's "hazards" have led our paths to cross.

To say that we are only Cartesians because of our upbringing, our conformist lifestyle or our academic background would be a mistake. Just as to say that we are great mystics, thanks to certain extraordinary experiences we've had, seems inadequate to us.
To help you understand our choice, we'd like to give you a few notions and definitions of the terms mystic and Cartesian.

"The term mystic is used to qualify or designate spiritual experiences of the order of contact or communication with a transcendent reality not discernible by common sense"

(dictionary definition)

For Michel Hulin, French philosopher and specialist in Indian philosophy:
"Mysticism involves altered states of consciousness in which the subject experiences the impression of awakening to a higher reality, of piercing the veil of appearances, of experiencing something like salvation in anticipation".

French physicist and philosopher Marc Halévy tells us:
"All Mysticism starts from a double observation. The first is that every human consciousness is immersed in a reality that infinitely surpasses it, that it participates in an immense cosmic and divine process of which it knows almost nothing. The second is that this overwhelming reality raises the question of the meaning of existence. At this point, the great bifurcation opens up for all intelligence: either this All, in which consciousness participates, can give meaning to existence, or it cannot. Rationality is powerless in the face of this dilemma. There are as many logical, metaphysical and philosophical arguments on one side as there are on the other. The problem goes beyond reason. It speaks to a deep intuition that may or may not be within us. Even if the most recent science, notably in fundamental physics, shows that pure chance is incapable of forging a universe such as ours, the primordial "faith", the original intuition as to the meaning of the Whole, is beyond the reach of laboratories".

So how do we know whether we're being mystical or Cartesian, or a bit of both?

Marc Halévy also writes: "We can put it another way, much more in line with Mysticism: the meaning of the Whole is neither a question of faith, nor a question of certainty, nor a question of proof, it's a question of evidence. It is in this self-evident fact that all authentic mysticism is rooted: if there is something, it is because that something has a reason for being. And it is precisely this raison d'être for the All that exists that Mysticism sets out to discover. Traditionally, science is more interested in the causality of phenomena, whereas Mysticism is more interested in the finality of the Whole. Yet the two are linked and complementary. The mystic's solitary path is that of meditation, or that of the "inner master". Thus, a mystic is first and foremost someone who walks, either following the paths already traced by his predecessors, or carving his own path; he walks either alone, or in a group. He knows that his joy lies not at the end of the road, but in the journey itself. Mysticism doesn't lead somewhere, as a kind of final outcome or terminal reward. The problem lies not in the destination, but in the effort of moving forward, towards the highest, the most luminous."

The definitions of the French thinkers and scientists we have proposed above are very close to the way we see ourselves today as Mystics.

As for our second name, Cartesians, though opposed to the previous term Mystics, we offer here a collegial definition.
Cartesianism is defined as the logical reasoning of a person, a Cartesian mind is a person, whose mind follows a method with application without ever making assumptions, remaining logical.
The synonym for Cartesian can be rational, while its opposite can be irrational, confused or mystical.
In this definition of the term "Cartesian" we find our logical path, which, starting from our personal experiences and therefore irrefutable by our understanding, has enabled us to impose on our Cartesian mind, first one truth, then another even more important one. Then, from experience to experience, we moved on to what we might then call mysticism, or we might say truths experienced by too few people to be recognized, for the time being at any rate, as general truths.

This is how the world works, and the scientist or pioneering researcher is often scorned and rejected by his or her peers, until the day when, perhaps posthumously, his or her truth is recognized as the general truth.
Our human history has many examples of this process of rejection of anything that provokes change and thus disrupts our habits or fragile "certainties".

Our contemporary Bruce Lipton took thirty years to gain recognition for his innovative theory on epigenetics.

So, that's how we came to this oxymoron, to this name that may seem antinomic: The Cartesians Mystics.